We pride ourselves in delivering services that fit each family we serve. Not only do we guide you in making your decisions, we help you design a service that best expresses and celebrates the life of the one you love. As far as the actual type of funeral service is concerned, most people choose from one of a variety of common formats.


A service is normally held in a chapel, church or other external venue and is followed by a non-attended cremation or burial.

A service is normally held in a chapel, church or other external venue and is followed by an attended committal service at the crematorium or graveside.
An attended service is held at the graveside and incorporates the burial.
Usually held in a chapel, church or other external venue some time after a non-attended burial or cremation.

A private cremation or burial with no-one in attendance.


Funeral stationery can be as unique and personalised as the funeral service itself.

Our dedicated team of multimedia professionals will liaise with your arranger and using professional software and equipment, produce high quality stationery for your service.

  • Memorial Book – A personalised book which can be signed by attendees at the service

  • Orders of Service – Personalised booklets outlining the order of the funeral service

  • Bookmarks – Personalised and laminated bookmarks can be created and given to friends and family as a keepsake that they can take away and cherish.

  • Thank You Cards – High quality printed cards and envelopes are an ideal way to show your appreciation for assistance, both practical and emotional, during this time.

Videography / Photography / Audio Visual

Sometimes loved ones are unable to attend a funeral service, or the deceased is a young child with siblings or a young parent. A video of the service is a special keepsake for the family. We work with a professional videography company, who specialises in being professional, respectful and discreet. Funeral Video Australia also provide professional photography and audio visual services for families.